Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Coconuts Roasting...on an Open Fire.

I had my first fire tonight. Not in a Drew Barrymore/Stephen King/Firestarter kind of way. The home where I'm now living has a fireplace. And all of my apartments and homes since moving out of my parents' house have been sans fireplace. It got really chilly tonight, so I set up a little fire and hung out in front of it. There's nothing cozier than a wood fire, and the smell is so gorgeous. What's this got to do with raw? Well, I'm gonna tell you.

At my last home, I was fortunate enough to be on a farm, with a landlady who had a huge compost that I could use. We found out quickly that my young coconuts took a bit too long to break down, so I resorted to throwing them out. Not any longer, superfriends! Scrape those coconuts out, let them dry, and they make rawesome fire catchers. Or kindling. Or whatever. Anyway, it burned well and I had a groovy, warm, incredible fire to toast my toes and chilly nose.

If you've got a fireplace and a love of young coconuts, get on the coconut boat and do your part to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

I'm your firestarter,



earthmother said...

I came. I explored. I like.

Now, I get you in my feed reader.

I wish I had a fireplace tonight. Freeeeeeezing here. The white stuff is flying (and it's not shredded coconut!).

Flavio Souza said...

You have a very good taste in music, as I can see in Blip. And for food too! You´re awesome! Congratulations. Kisses from far away.

Chris said...

now, where did i leave that polar bear rug?

~Anastazia~ said...

My only concern with this wonderful idea would be if the coconuts weren't organic! I hear they're dipped in formaldihyde & a lotta other nasties, & wouldn't that be released into the air as they burn? Like you hear not to burn newspapers with colored ink (cartoons, flyers) cuz of the chemicals in the ink...not to rain on your parade or anything...or your lovely fireplace...
...your shells are probably organic, though, right? (Can't get those around here!)