Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holler! The Eyes Have It!

So, you may have read that a lot of raw vegans notice changes in their eyes as they delve into their new eating habits. Some see whiter whites and brighter brights...wait, am I thinking about laundry or eyes?

Anyway, after a month or so of eating raw, I noticed yesterday that my eyes are becoming more clear, with a lot more green, and a totally different color of green. This could also be due to the copious amounts of cocaine that I've been ingesting every day, but I think it's the raw. Any of you noticing changes in the eyes?


Anonymous said...

hi thank you for your amazing recipes. love your green eyes too. mmmmmmmmmmmhm. d-o-c # ;-)

Charis said...

Just discovered your blog and it's lovely! Keep it up!

Raene said...

Wow, cool eyes!
I too noticed a change in mine. Even the Vitamin Manager at my health food store commented on how white the white part is and how she thinks that is an ultimate sign of good health.

Chris said...

mmm... i just bookmarked this post.